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  • Customer Acknowledges that Transport Worldwide, LLC is providing a web based LTL Platform that allows you as the customer to get instant quotes for your LTL Shipments. These shipments will be governed under the rules tariffs of the actual motor carrier chosen for the shipment and therefore limit TWW liability to the applicable Motor Carrier rules tariff. Please call 419-869-0000 ext.4 for rate options for shipments over 8 pallet positions or any freight with a release value of more than $1.00 per LB. Your TWW CSR will be able to provide you better options for these shipments. If a shipment requires a declared value greater than $1.00 per pound, the shipment will require a special valuation quote prior to acceptance of the shipment. Entry into the LTL Platform without advance notification to TWW and the purchase of additional insurance will void any rights of the declared value as reflected within the shipment or on any BOL. In the consideration of the extension of credit and establishment of a credit account, applicant acknowledges liability for payment of amounts due TWW per their terms and conditions. If TWW takes action to collect any balance owing, applicant agrees to pay all the reasonable costs and expense incurred in collection including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees, court costs and interest thereon at the maximum legal rate. By signing this agreement, applicant acknowledges payment will be made according to quoted terms on invoice. All past due invoices are subject to interest charges of the lessor of 10% per annum of the maximum legal rates.
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